D a v i d   N i b l o c k

Although I mainly work on films about socio-political dilemmas and human-rights abuses, I do make gentle films, too.  I was the principal cameraman on Channel Four’s multi-award winning series Operatunity and I recently worked on a film looking at the history of the graphic novel character Tintin, as well as films about dance and the histories of various genres of music.  But it is true that my passion lies in giving a voice to those who really deserve to be heard.

That, of course, means witnessing the side of life that most people would probably prefer never to see, or to even acknowledge the existence of.  I am highly trained to travel to very difficult places and have extensive experience of life in and around conflict zones and hostile environments.

I have travelled from the north to the south coasts of Africa, east and west too, much of the Middle East, across the United States, most of Europe and have experienced the wilderness of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.  I pride myself in being able to produce images that make the viewer feel like they were there, unladen with anything other than their daypack.  I aim to shoot in a way that leads the audience to forget about the process and to fully experience the journey.

I believe that the secret to success begins with careful planning and choosing the correct equipment.  I have a team of top suppliers who always help me to meet those needs and I can provide any camera and any format that a project demands.

Documentary FILM-MAKER


THE ISLE OF MAN TT: A DANGEROUS ADDICTION, Produced and Directed by David Niblock for Al Jazeera English, is in consideration for Best Single Documentary in the 2013 British Academy Awards.

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